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entertainers-secret-bottle transparentRelief for Throat Discomfort, Hoarse Voice and Congestion Caused by Excessive Dryness

Are you experiencing throat irritation? Do annoying allergies or other respiratory problems bring on those inevitable episodes of dry, sore throat and scratchy, hoarse voice? Do you spend a lot of time speaking, singing, lecturing, selling, teaching, presenting, cheering, telephoning, preaching, performing, announcing, or just talking...

If so, you've found the right product! Since you're judged by your voice, you owe it to your listeners and yourself to sound and feel your very best. Don't worry, throat relief can be found in Entertainer's Secret.

Product Enhancements

Just when you thought Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief could not get any better... it has!

KLI Corp. is thrilled to introduce Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief with an extended nozzle. This directed spray allows for a more efficient and precise delivery to the back of the throat and vocal apparatus.

You spoke, and we listened. Entertainer's Secret is now:

> Easier to use
> Even better in providing rapid relief of hoarse voice, dry throat, vocal strain, etc. when due to dryness.

We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied users who have been sharing our "Secret"!

Entertainer's Secret has always been, and is still fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free... and offers the same great taste. Free standard shipping on all orders within the United States!

stevie nicks whats in my bag smWhat's in Stevie Nick's Bag?  Check it out- It's Entertainer's Secret!

Click the picture on the right to enlarge it but yes- she keeps Entertainer's Secret in her bag (along with a lot of other essentials!)


Courtesy of US Magazine January 19, 2015





katy perryKaty Perry Interview in Heat Magazine: 29 Oct - 4 Nov 2011

Q: What are the three essential items you can’t leave home without?

A: Baby wipes, Entertainer’s Secret throat spray (it’s always dressed up in a little tuxedo) and my iPad in my Chanel case. 



pocket pak trioKLI Corp is pleased to introduce a new Pocket Pak Trio presentation

This is the same great product to soothe dry, sore throats and restore vocal quality, but now in a handy pocket/lipstick size. Great for travel and perfect for single performances.

This Pocket Pak Trio contains three 8 ml (twice as much as before) travel size bottles for just $14.  (Shipping within the USA included)

Order a Pocket Pak Trio for yourself or share it with a friend!